Images of Broken Shells











Besides their ornamental and symbolic use in the folk art of many different cultures as well as, their representation in the high art of the Renaissance, seashells and other sea mollusks, have been the inspiration for countless design applications, everything from architecture to automobile design. Their beauty and symmetry have attracted both young and old collectors in search of the perfect seashell. It is not difficult to see them as icons. Here they are displayed in a less than perfect form, their beauty transcending their brokenness. This portfolio contains iconographic images of  broken shells painted in oils and acrylic on plastered wood and masonite panels. The plaster has been etched in shapes reminiscent of Byzantium architecture, a fitting frame for the broken seashell as icon.

All of the paintings in this portfolio as well as, all the other portfolios on this site are for sale. Click on image info under each painting for pricing and other information.  Please feel free to contact me with any additional inquiries.