Besides representing images of religious personage, the dictionary defines icon as an image, a representation, a simile or symbol.

Inspired by both the traditional iconographic style of The Late and Post Byzantine era, (as well as the painters of the Renaissance), I have tried to recreate some of the gem like qualities of this genre using a diversity of subject matter.

Each painting is a one of a kind original. The paintings for the most part are approximately 12" x 12", purposely small. I've used contemporary materials, both masonite and wood as substrates which are treated on both sides to create an archival and durable surface. I prepare the panels with plaster to simulate various fresco techniques, for scoring into, and to create interesting textures. I've mixed marble dust with plaster to simulate effects used in ancient Roman and Pompeian wall painting. I've used various mediums and metallic paints to simulate the foil gold and silver backgrounds of 13th Century icons. In some cases I've tiled colorful and ornate pieces of glass and stone into the plaster to add an authentic but original look to each piece. My painting techniques are both traditional and non traditional. They are based on the development of an underpainting which I add additional color and details to by using both glazing and scumbling techniques similar to the techniques used by Florentine and Venetian masters during the Renaissance, as well as others. I primarily use transparent oil paint on top of an acrylic ground for rendering subject matter.

Although extremely tempting, I promised myself I wouldn't try to make any social or political statements (in this particular body of work anyway). Instead my intention was to create original paintings that are simply decorative and interesting to look at. Something someone might want to hang on their wall, or for that matter (attn: Interior Designers!) have as an entire wall in their home or business. The subject matter for the most part is simple and diverse, generally familiar objects shown in a unique way. Objects that I consider interesting and that I hope you will too!

Please feel free to e-mail me with any inquiries concerning purchasing on line images or commissioning artwork.

(*See individual image info for size specifications and additional information. Larger sizes and specific subject matter can be obtained or commissioned).